How to apply for a loan in Poland?

How to apply for a loan in Poland?

These days, most of us live at a dizzying pace. Between work and dealing with hundreds of cases, it can be difficult for us to find a free moment to deal with all outstanding matters.

One of The Economist’s articles from 2014 even predicted that in the future our working hours would be shorter and holidays longer. Although we are witnessing many improvements in technology that constantly help us automate our lives and at the same time reduce working time, we are even busier than ever before.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands


Imagine that your other half’s family is coming from afar for a long weekend. This will be the first time they visit you in your new apartment. For months, you have been planning to clean up the boxes in one of the rooms and arrange a guest room there.

Unfortunately, lately, time and money is a luxury you can’t afford. Now that you know that you need to finish this room for a specific period, you decide on a short-term loan that will be able to help you.

A visit to the bank


The next day you go to a bank in your area to check your options. You drive around the area for 10 minutes in search of a free parking space. However, you finally get to the bank, where they ask you to wait in a queue of several people. 30 minutes later, a bank employee invites you to his position.

After 20 minutes of talking about what option will be the best solution for you, it turns out that you need to provide copies of employment contracts, as well as copies of recent tax returns.

Unfortunately, you don’t have these documents with you and you don’t even know if you have them at home. So now, after an hour at the bank, you have to go home and look for these documents. You can also ask for copies and then start the process again. But the guests will show up in three days, is there a simpler solution? Of course, it is!

Online loan

Online loan

No matter how busy you are, if you need quick access to money, we are here to help you. With Good Finance Money, getting a short-term loan has never been easier. All you need to do is apply for a short-term loan quickly and easily online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Applying for a loan online also means no queues and no paperwork. We are aware that time is important for short-term loans. We want you to be able to implement your plans. Therefore, our mission is to provide the best, fastest and most convenient banking services in the field of loans.

Filling out the application takes only a few minutes, and thanks to our technology of automatic credit risk assessment we can make a decision regarding the loan in a few seconds. As soon as the loan is approved in the system, within one day the funds will go to your account. So don’t wait! Make life easier with one of our online loans.