Loan consolidation – what documents?

Often, we do not associate credit bank formalities very well and we would prefer to avoid it. Unfortunately, if you want to take a consolidation loan or any other, you can’t avoid it. It is worth preparing the necessary documents beforehand so that the consolidation runs smoothly, quickly and without much stress.

To start with, it’s worth checking the offers of various banks as well as ensuring the best creditworthiness. With these methods we have the chance to get the cheapest loan possible.

The borrower’s most important documents.

The borrower

We will not receive any credit without an ID card. That is why it is so important to check whether our evidence is still valid. The validity of the ID is 10 years, and we can be fined for having an invalid ID. So the current ID card confirming our identity is the basic document we will be asked about in the bank. No less important is information about our income: what is their amount, where we work and on what contract. All these data should be thoroughly documented because their creditworthiness will depend on them.

If we work on the basis of an employment contract, the bank will request a certificate of employment period and the amount of average monthly salary. This certificate is issued by the employer. In the case of pensioners, the last proof of payment of benefits will be relevant. However, slightly more documents must be provided by persons conducting business activity. These will be: an entry in the business register (it can be downloaded free of charge from the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity website – or an excerpt from the National Court Register, certificates from the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office not being in arrears with contributions and taxes.

What do we want to consolidate?

What do we want to consolidate?

Information on loans that we want to consolidate is also extremely important. Therefore, all credit agreements should be taken to the bank, as well as information on the repayment of individual liabilities. The repayment schedule or a certificate from a given bank about current employment will be helpful here.

Reliable preparation for a visit to the bank will definitely shorten the time of completing formalities and will allow you to receive loans consolidation faster. This is what we should care about the most, because it depends on how soon we can pay the lower installment and our financial situation will start to improve.

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